AB Electrolux

AB Electrolux, commonly known as just Electrolux is a Swedish multinational company that specializes in manufacturing household and professional appliances. Since its merger, Electrolux has focused on making products that are more environmentally friendly by designing their products to be more energy and water efficient. Electrolux also follows the ideas of R. Edward Freeman and stakeholder managing.

Unlike many companies today, Electrolux follows an ethical approach to business. A very socially responsible company, Electrolux has and continues to manufacture and invent new products that are more energy and water efficient, and also ones that don’t use hazardous and harmful substances like many of their competitors do.  Electrolux follows Freeman’s idea of the Stakeholder Theory because not only does it believe in listening to all of its stakeholders, but because it also rejects the Separation Theory which states that business and morals should not mix. Electrolux has devoted itself to making sure it follow the rules and Codes of Ethics. The company pride themselves on upholding human rights, health, and safety not only in the workplace, but also in the environment. Electrolux holds not only their business, but also their employees to the highest code of social responsibility.

Electrolux is an example of stakeholder managing. The company want to be a trusted partner by all their stakeholders. They continuously work with employees, customers, consumers, and shareholders to gather information and therefore make business strategies based on the affected parties. Electrolux holds their stakeholders accountable; they admire their insight, but also address concerns at the same time. Electrolux prides itself on their brand promise “Thinking of You” when making and planning company strategies. Electrolux goes the distance when it comes to this. Yes they go and get insight of important board members and stakeholders, but they also go visit the homes of other stakeholder to get their opinions as well. Electrolux truly embodies stakeholder management.

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