Apple and Profits

One organization that I know is Apple.  Basically everyone now knows what Apple is and what they do.  It was started by Steve Jobs and went on to become one of the biggest companies in the world.  I believe this is because of the shareholder management being employed.  It is for this reason that Apple would be seen favorably by Milton.  Apple is much more focused on increasing profits and becoming the strongest company possible rather than the “social responsibility” that Ed talks about.

A very easy example to draw from is the fact that Apple does all of their manufacturing in China.  The reason for this was made very evident by Steve Jobs himself when he told President Obama that the United States had too many unreasonable costs and too many rules and regulations to follow.  So rather than helping the stakeholders in America, Apple remained focused on its profits and shareholders and thus continue to manufacture its goods in China.  Another situation which shows this focus on profits is the new design on the IPhone.  The reason being is that the adapter to charge the phone is different from every adapter before it, thus making them obsolete.  So now if someone would like to get the new IPhone they must also get the new charger and trash any previous chargers that had been used.  These among other reasons is why I believe Milton would have looked favorably on Apple and how their business is currently being run.

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