ECORE International is a manufacturing company that produces commercial flooring from recycled rubber truck tires. Starting in the mid-nineteenth century, ECORE is the originator in recycled rubber flooring. Even today, this company continues to be the leading innovator within the industry. Being a family run company, there are strong ties that connect the manufacturer’s business and morals. This company is managed complying with the Stakeholder Theory as discussed by R. Edward Freeman.

ECORE’s vision is to aid in the improvement of people’s quality of life, quality of the environment, and quality of our society. The business model of this company focuses on the stakeholders, whether it is suppliers, employees, distributors, sales representatives, or end users. The company also demonstrates the four principles as discussed by Freeman: Stakeholder Cooperation, Complexity, Continuous Creation, and Emergent Competition. The strong sense of community and moral alignment that encompass the suppliers, employees, and distributors allow ECORE to achieve their vision. Without this commitment and support by these stakeholders, the company would not be able to produce an environmentally sustainable end product. This company strives to be the most innovative in the industry. In doing so, they create products that improve the quality of life of the end user due to the simplistic, ergonomic, and acoustical, nature of the flooring. Additionally working with Nike, ECORE has been able to create new sources of value by completely utilizing shoes in Nike’s Re-Use A Shoe Program.

ECORE International’s family based background and dedication to positively improving society and the environment, rejects the Separation Theory. The business and morals are strongly connected and this can be seen throughout its stakeholders. Therefore, it is an example of stakeholder managing.




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