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ExxonMobil preserving natural resources

ExxonMobil utilizes its business strengths to invest in communities and enact social programs that are in tune with global needs.  Where the company operates it pursues impactful projects that serve to better the region.  For example, in Bangalore, India ExxonMobil works to preserve its natural resources by developing technology to harvest its runoff and unused rainwater.  Bangalore, with its growing population and water shortages greatly benefits from ExxonMobil’s system of gathering and filtering uncollected rainwater.

Milton Friedman would state that ExxonMobil has no social responsibility to this region and its people, for any efforts that stray from increasing profit would be unfair to its stockholders.  It is not ExxonMobil’s responsibility to choose how to use the success of the business to improve the environment and its people’s quality of life.  ExxonMobil should only be acting as an agent of its stockholders

Edward Freeman would argue that ExxonMobil’s investment in the community in which it operates shows company initiates to take responsibility for the social and environmental issues, connecting its businesses to ethical practices. By prioritizing ethical and responsible practices the company introduces humanity, morality, and accountability to corporations.

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