TOMS Shoes/Eyewear

TOMS is a for-profit company that operates a non-profit division called Friends of Toms.  Blake Mycoskie, the CEO/Founder of TOMS, believes that TOMS can improve peoples’ lives through their business. The social responsibility of TOMS focuses on the production of their products, the environmental impact of their products, and their giving back program. For every pair of TOMS purchased, an underprivileged child is provided a pair of their own. TOMS also began a program where for every pair of TOMS eyewear sold, the sight of a person in need would be restored. While production occurs in countries such as Ethiopia and China, TOMS makes sure that all production is within law, upholding their corporate responsibility standards. The materials used to make the shoes provided for those in need are made of mostly recycled material in an effort to follow their personal corporate environmental responsibilities.

Milton would view TOMS as a stakeholder organization because the CEO is acting on his own beliefs of corporate social responsibility. Milton would view this as being acceptable because TOMS is not a public company, meaning Blake Mycoskie does not have the sole responsibility to return profits to shareholders. Freeman would view TOMS as being a prime example of stakeholder capitalism since TOMS is a for profit company that functions on socially responsible beliefs.

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