Made in China

Mike Daisey’s discoveries in the Shenzhen China deeply intrigued me, mostly because I myself had never thought deeply into where “MADE IN CHINA” really is. It really is sad that the majority of Americans buy excessive amounts of electronics, without even once having profound thoughts as to where and how the devices are made. I admit to thinking the same way, generalizing that Apple products were constructed in China by precision machines operated by computers. Mike Daisey’s point about how there are more handmade products today than there ever were in the history of mankind really made me think about the overall ignorance of Americans as a whole. People carelessly spend and consume in America, without even caring about the nature or even location of manufacturing of the devices. The intensity that China has driven the human labor machine has literally crippled the youth of its nation and caused environmental pollution beyond any other country in the world. The differences between American society and Chinese society are becoming greater and greater, and I believe that at the rate it is growing, China will destroy the human component to society. The Chinese corporations are constantly replacing the workers that are harmed by the hazardous conditions and also workers that rebel to their requests. They don’t realize that humans are not some unlimited source of work and power and that the nature of their operations will collapse on itself, destroying a piece of Chinese culture and the people that create it.

Concerning the question of “Do you think Apple knows?”, I firmly believe that Apple does in fact know that their manufacturing processes are run by underaged workers in extremely hazardous conditions that literally deteriorate people’s hands. The public voice of Apple is one that leaves nearly all the sketchy details out and gives the people exactly what they want to hear, along with the added plus of an incredible electronic device. After reading the article in Ethical Chic it doesn’t surprise me that Apple chooses to look the other way when it come to the cheap manufacturing of their products. It boggles my mind as to how Apple can continue operations despite all the lying and deception that many Americans can continue to be ignorant on the subject. It also did not surprise me that Apple refused to make any comment regarding the Foxconn operations that Mike Daisey exposed during the radio excerpt. The end of the podcast provides insight on the credibility of the Mike Daisey’s comments regarding Apple, however their denial to speak further on the matter only causes one to think that they are trying to avoid giving out the wrong information about.

3 thoughts on “Made in China

  1. The title of your blog really catches my eyes. You talked lots about the human as a source of work, and the underage workers in terrible working conditions. I would like to say that as a Chinese, I personally agree with you that we should stop this kind of squeezed method to manufacture our products in China, and other less developed countries with this kind of factories. However, stop them will not help the society, this is not the root of the problem. Do you think the main problem is originated from those big companies from US or Europe themselves, but not their factories overseas? Thanks for sharing.

  2. I would agree that Apple knows exactly where there product is being made. Operations and the supply chain is an extremely important process in keeping costs manageable so prices are low enough for the products to be mass consumed. Apple is notorious for being good at managing their operations, such as buying the majority of air cargo transport during holiday seasons to cause problems for their competitors.

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