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Mike Daisey and Apple

I found myself shaking my head in disgust while listening to certain parts of this podcast. Mike Daisey makes very good points throughout his monologue that I found to be eye opening in a way. I had heard of Foxconn and the terrible conditions of factories overseas, but nothing with such details and from someone who had spoken to the workers first hand. Similar to many other people, Mike Daisey knew how the Apple products worked in and out, however he never stopped to think how they were made. Similarly I use my iPhone on a daily basis and not once have I stopped and strongly questioned who and how this device might have been made. It seems as though no one even knows the name of the city in China that our Apple products are made from.

I thought it was extremely interesting to see the way in which Mike Daisey went about finding the truth. It was brave of him to stand outside the factories waiting for the workers to exit. Many people who stand outside of factories are seen as members of labor unions, which if caught results in prison. While Daisey was there he talked to workers of all ages, some as young as thirteen years old. It is crazy to think that someone so young is working under such harsh conditions with extremely long hours. When I was that age I was going to the pool with my friends or going to the mall. I never even had a job until I was seventeen years old. It is hard to comprehend the fact that such young children are working and under harsh conditions.

The question Daisey brings up about whether Apple really knows what happens in their factories is very interesting. Apple is so detailed orientated; do you really think they would miss something so big like this? Or are they just seeing what they want to see? It is hard to know the truth behind this question, but Apple must know to an extent what is happening in their factories. There are workers who are committing suicide by jumping off the top of the buildings, which should be the first clue that something needs to be fixed or that something is wrong.

After listening to Mike Daisey everything became more real. At first it is hard to picture such terrible working conditions, until someone who experienced it themselves describes it to you. Every time I look at my iPhone I think about the way the workers are treated who created this. What really got my attention was when Mike Daisey showed a worker his iPad and turned it on for him. The worker had never seen a finished product and described it as ‘magic’. I could never imagine the working conditions the people live through and this podcast made me very aware.


2 thoughts on “Mike Daisey and Apple

  1. Other electronic companies manufacture their products and mistreat their employees in a similar fashion. Why do you think journalists like Mike Daisey look to unearth and expose Apple’s shortcomings?

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