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Reaction: “Mr. Daisey and Apple”

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After listening to the This American Life “Mr. Daisey and Apple” podcast, I am in utter disbelief over the working conditions at the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, China. It is amazing to me that Apple, a successful American company with piles of money to its name, permits the disgusting and inhumane factory conditions that exist at Foxconn.

Daisey’s description of the factory throughout his monologue had me cringing. First of all, the nets surrounding the building immediately signal to outsiders that suicide is a common occurrence among employees. Hearing this sent a chill up my spine. The working environment seems so uptight and serious that I cannot even imagine how uncomfortable employees must feel. Being surrounded by video cameras, not being able to take breaks throughout the day, standing on foot eight hours a day, living in crowded dormitories…and the list goes on.

During the podcast, Daisey poses an interesting and valid question in reference to Apple: “Do they just see what they want to see?” He goes on to explain that Apple must know about the working conditions at Foxconn, and clearly they have not made any moves to improve them. As an owner of multiple Apple products, it saddens me to learn about what lies behind the brand’s name and image.

I truly hope that factory conditions in Shenzhen improve. No human being should be required to work in this type of environment in order to earn a living and support a family. Perhaps Apple needs to step forward and initiate some changes. Until that happens, I will have a completely different perception of this “successful” company in my mind.


“Mr. Daisey and Apple” Podcast

5 thoughts on “Reaction: “Mr. Daisey and Apple”

    • Honestly, I don’t. I feel as though information regarding the Foxconn factory conditions has been publicly known for awhile now, and many consumers still remain devoted to buying Apple products.

  1. I agree that Apple needs to step forward and make changes to the working environment they provide in China. I think that more Americans should become aware of the fact that these Apple products are being produced under such harsh conditions. Until the public is made fully aware of this issue and forces Apple to make the necessary changes, I do not think Apple will change its ways. I too have a different perception of Apple after listening to this podcast.

  2. I think a lot of people do think that way. Or, at least, they hold the Apple brand in such high regard that they don’t stop to question how the people who make the products are treated.

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