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Who are these People? – Mike Daisy

I had heard of Foxconn before but I thought that Mike Daisy’s story and approach to gaining information was really interesting. It surprised me that Foxconn workers were willing to and wanted to talk to him when he waited outside the factory, especially after he explained how much trouble people could get in for joining a labor union in order to attempt to change working conditions. I would have thought that sharing inside information about the horrible working conditions in the Foxconn factory would have gotten them in trouble, maybe put on the “black list” that Daisy later referred to.

I also thought that Daisy’s question of whether Apple is oblivious to what is going on in the factories or if they know what is going on but are just seeing what they want to see, was really relevant and a good thought to ponder. If Apple knows what is going on in the factories, why aren’t they doing something to change it? I find it hard to believe that Apple has no idea what is going on, especially hearing about the suicide nets outside of the Foxconn factories. This is an obvious sign that something inside the factories is wrong.

We use the technologies that these people of Shenzhen make every day, and Daisy had the courage to ask “who are these people,” and to find the answer. His willingness to put himself in danger and his want to find answers provided us with real stories that make the situation at the Foxconn factory more real than the vague news articles.

2 thoughts on “Who are these People? – Mike Daisy

  1. While listening to the podcast, I also thought about your question concerning what Apple is doing to influence change in the factories. It seems that until customers take a stand to show Apple that we truly care about these issues, nothing will be done…

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