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Corporate Social Responsibility

I read a post about corporate social responsibility (, a topic I have recently become interested in. It is a subject that has become a big topic of conversation in the corporate world today. I could relate to amarketersjournal in the way that she became interested in social responsibility. I too was raised in a Christian family and traveled on several mission trips while in middle school and high school. Now, at Bucknell, one of the activities I am involved in that I am most passionate about is the Bucknell Brigade ( I had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua in January 2012 and have been involved in fundraising and other efforts for the Brigade ever since. I work in the Office of Civic Engagement as an intern for the Brigade, and I love going to work because I know that my efforts are helping those in need in Nicaragua, many of whom I had the chance to interact with when I visited.

I have never really known what I want to do for my entire life. I was brought up in a family business and naturally decided to go into the management school. I found interest in Managing for Sustainability, but have been unclear as to where this will take me. With my new knowledge of the corporate social responsibility departments of many large companies, I have found an area that I am interested in. Recently, I have talked to a few people who work in the CSR department at the Hershey Company. When talking to them, I could tell how much they love working in CSR and feel like they are making a difference every day in peoples’ lives. This is the kind of fulfillment I hope for when deciding on my career path.

A report was brought to my attention that was put together by Net Impact. Corporate Careers that Make a Difference (Net Impact) It
outlines different ways that people can be involved in corporate citizenship
within a company. I found it interesting to learn about the people outside of
the corporate social responsibility department that still play a big role in social
responsibility. I would encourage anyone else who is not sure of what career
path to take to look over this report. It was really helpful in bringing to
light what opportunities there are available.

4 thoughts on “Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. Jenna, I very much related to your excerpt about growing up in a family business and that being the main reason why you entered the School of Management. When I was thinking about college and what I wanted to do with my life, the only real example I had to go by was my father, who was involved in finance and was constantly traveling across the globe. My major: Global Management. I wonder what our college careers could have been like had our parents been involved in different fields!

  2. Thanks Dan! That’s a great question: what would our college careers be like if our parents had different jobs? I’m definitely interested in management, and not just because my parents are in a business. When I chose to do Managing for Sustainability, my dad actually argued with me and told me I should do something where jobs are available! We have had many conversations since then and he supports me fully, but it is interesting that even within management, there can be disagreements about what the “right” management is.

  3. It is so cool to find something that you are interested in and you can still work for it. I am not so clear about my career after the college, it is just like a model that my family gives me, and all I need is to follow the steps. The article that you recommand is also very interesting, I read a quote from Irene from Target: We risk losing competitive advantage if we don’t address the environmental impact of our work.

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