Blog 4

Exploring Blogs and Your Interests (Blog 4 Propt)

This week, I want you to explore as a platform for social networking and content.

To do this, you will find a post on a blog that matches some of your interests and the class topics.

This is also about building visibility and audience for yourself and your blog.

What to do.

1) Log into  Go to the reader page.   From there you have several options.  You can explore topics, click on recommended blogs, or search for blog topics.  The point is to explore.

1a) You can also use wordpress’ direct search tool for multiple search terms.   For example, i used it to search on “apple globalization ethics” and found 792 hits.

2) Once you have found a blog post that is interesting, read it and COMMENT on it.  Commenting behavior tends to make that blog author interested in you.

3) Write your own post related to the topic the original post discussed.  You may do additional research, or go to resources it mentioned.  In your post, include the URL (webpage) to the original post.

Questions?  Ask your TA, Kaitlyn, or me.

Possible topics to include related to this class:

  • ethics
  • business ethics
  • stakeholder
  • social innovation
  • social movements
  • capitalism
  • critical management
  • sustainability
  • CSR- corporate social responsibility

Some blogs you can check out also

Org Theory.Net (Group blog of several organization scholars)


ethics hotline

TOSO- social entrepreneurship

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