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Cleaning Up Our Water

The blog that I read was about Sustainability, something that I find to be very interesting and crucial to the development of business and business practices going forward.

A very exciting development has occurred with the opening of The Global Water Council in Milwaukee. Right away this article caught my attention because of the inclusion of “Global” in the name, not just American or Milwaukee. Personally I feel that in terms of innovations in relation to sustainability all of the world should be working together to work to correct and stop the impending problems we face going forward.

I also did a little bit of looking around more about what goes on within this newly renovated and rejuvinated building. Here at I found out about the kinds of things and people actually working within the building. I was surprised to find that within are energy start ups, students, professors, established business. All under one roof, these people are looking for solutions to the fundamental problem of not everyone having water. Over 1 billion people don’t have access to safe drinking water and that number is going to rise if changes are not made.

I am concerned with the cost factor however. The fact that Alga Bionics, a business whose website I explored, is using such natural things that already exist in the environment is fantastic. It is a closed system, meaning it is completely renewable. But will the technology be affordable enough to share globally? Furthering making these solutions are cheap as possible is certainly a goal. The connection between science, engineering and business is growing and hopefully there can be more increases in the job market under the umbrella of sustainability. I would hope that center’s like this can crop up on even larger scales around the global and bring people of various educations and backgrounds together to achieve this environmental goal.

I love that this is going beyond meeting environmental standards and trying to come up with a solution. If everyone just meets the standards then we are in for a rough road. This may be the key to encouraging companies to go beyond.

The initial blog I read can be found at this address


4 thoughts on “Cleaning Up Our Water

  1. The one part of your blog post that stood out to me most was that energy start ups, students, professors, and established businesses were all working together at this center. I think that this really connects well with the stakeholder theory. In order to make significant changes regarding sustainability it’s important that interests of various stakeholders and groups of people are involved in the decision making process.

  2. I liked the Advanced Waste Blog. Obviously bloggers reserve the right to show the sides of the story they identify with rather than everything to it. I found that this blog didn’t elaborate on costs but they didn’t have to. I found it by doing as you suggested. The topic I searched was sustainability and this was trending! Good find

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