Blog 3

Daisey Retraction\

I find this retraction to be highly disturbing. There is so much out there on the internet and in the media that it makes you want to question. If Daisey was able to get through the obviously critical eyes of those approving his monologue to be aired, than is it really that hard to get the attention of the American public with fabricated stories. I think of the commercial where the girls says she trusts everything she sees on the internet and the guy in the commercial is like where did you hear that, and she says the internet. Its funny, I’ve attached it here.

Obviously there is a lot of “stuff” out there, but in the wrong hands, rumors can really fly. I’ve been punked into hearing Adam Sandler died because somewhere put it out there and it became a google top hit. So how do we handle this situation?

I think Daisey is crazy and something is off upstairs because how on earth did he lie about the facts when directly asked and told about the integrity and everything cited. I would say that his response about being worried and weighed down by that knowledge was hard. I don’t think he cared at all except about being found out! He wanted to make money off of his story. And about the people who watch him preform this, how they don’t need to be told it is fabricated because it is theater and they think differently….. YEAH RIGHT. We all took it as truth as I am sure much of his audience does. He is telling a first hand story, not speculating, so it seems all like a true account.

Most of all I feel bad for Cathy his translator. She was not offended about this and talked about how he is a writer not a journalist BUT her country and the working conditions being so falsely conveyed is very sad. Yes it brings light to the fact that there are problems in China but Apple is aware of those. When Mike said he was going to lie to thousands, I don’t think Cathy thought herself as one of them. Making up such horrid things about what goes on is worse in my opinion. We shouldn’t rely on the need to hit rock bottom, crippled hands and poison exposure, to encourage change. I don’t believe Apple feels that way. Most of what we know is from Apple itself. This link helped me understand Apple’s position.

Apple labor standards in the spotlight from CNBC

Sadly, these things occurring in China are also to blame on the people themselves. The reason people come to work in the factories come for the ability to work as much as they want and can in order to make and earn as much as possible. Apple takes responsibility. But who can we blame? American Apple employees are not there in the factories, they are factory employees run by the chinese. This presents a challenge.

So the truth… I don’t think will know. We can take the statistics and Apple’s observations, but the factories are going to run regardless and employee those who come in droves for work. What Mike Daisey did was lie in the journalistic sense. He told an embellished story and signed off on it as fact. He says it was some of his best work and it may be. But it was art, crafted and created from a lot of places, not just personal experience in a few days. Anyone who hears it should be briefed with that information before hand.

The internet is where I gathered further knowledge about this subject. But although journalistic articles, I see a lot of compilation of information that has been taken to be fact. The use of underage workers is mentioned a lot, and Apple takes a strong stance against that. So I think that I again look to what goes on in China when people flood to factories, what lies can we prevent those people from telling.

Yes we value of Apple products but I think it is wrong to say we value these people less. What Apple is doing is admirable and they are investigating any thing that occurs. Also I would say that some of this falls out of their control, and onto the factory workers and owners. There are things Apple cannot observe and can’t find out without communication. I would presume this is hard to communicate but if channels were opened I don’t think Apple would regret changes.

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