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SeeClickFix: Combining Community & Business

Today, I explored some blogs related to social innovation in businesses—an area that interests me as a Business Management major. I enjoy reading about entrepreneurial business ideas and how they are initiated. In addition, during this day in age it seems as though many business ideas revolve around social innovation and improving the lives of citizens as well as society in general. I was immediately intrigued by the SeeClickFix business model outlined by the blog SIBM. You can read the blog post here:

The blog post gives a detailed description of SeeClickFix and what it’s all about. It prompted me to visit the company’s website to learn some more.

SeeClickFix Website

According to the website, the business model consists of three main principles: empowerment, efficiency, and engagement. These are all pretty self-explanatory, and I believe they describe the purpose of the company very well. The website also points out how easy it is to use SeeClickFix on a daily basis, since community members can access the technology on their mobile phones, including the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. I think it’s very helpful that users can create groups and track specific areas in their community, so they can stay up-to-date on new issues and observe the progress of older ones.


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This is a very socially innovative business idea that promotes discussion between not only citizens and their local government, but also between citizens themselves. It encourages community involvement and helps build relationships. In addition, it helps protect the image and safety of communities. This technology may help citizens’ voices be heard in communities of all different sizes—even larger cities. Not only that, but it provides a sort of ‘hub’ of information that community members can consistently monitor in order to keep an eye on issues pertaining to their area. Finally, it serves as an organized method for local governments to track and respond to issues that may be bothering community members, in order to ensure that they are doing everything they can to solve them.

SeeClickFix seems to be a socially innovative business idea that focuses on building better communities—and, therefore, positively contributing to society at large.

3 thoughts on “SeeClickFix: Combining Community & Business

  1. After reading your blog post, and perusing the ‘SeeClickFix’ website I am also intrigued with the notion and hopeful that more innovations like this will surface to aid socially integrating businesses. ‘SeeClickFix’ empowers the individual to comment and critique local issues. When individuals act collectively they can make a serious impact through government, the media, and other institutions. I really like the idea of working on a local level in order to achieve national and even international impacts.

  2. What did you think of the blog from which it came?

    Would something like this be possible or needed at Bucknell? In Lewisburg?

    What are the pros or cons of it being a business as opposed to something government does?

  3. I think the blog from which it came is very insightful and well-written. Its posts say quite a bit about how businesses can have effects on society. Something like this would definitely be possible at Bucknell, and I think it would be a great idea. It could take a similar model, but instead students would be pointing out issues on campus that they wish to be fixed. Since SeeClickFix is a business, its management is not necessarily connected to the government; however, it provides a common ground for all types of people in a community to interact with each other and communicate issues. It would be interesting look deeper into how long it takes the local governments to respond to and fix the issues at hand, in order to evaluate the business model’s performance.

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