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Blog Council Report: Exploring Blogs and Your Interests

Hi! Welcome to our class’s first Blog Council!

Great work this week exploring other blogs and delving deeper into Business, Government, & Society topics that interest you. We really enjoyed reading everyone’s posts and comments.

We’ve compiled a list of of ways we can improve our blog, as well as positive feedback and “shining star” examples. Please use this as a launching point for expanding upon your blogging skills for the future!

Here are ways in which we can improve our blog:

Use clear paragraph breaks (and use them often)!

  • Long, drawn-out paragraphs make a blog post look less “clean” and concise.

Read through your blog post before publishing it!

  • Use spell check and grammar.

There is no need to say “blog #” within the title.

Embed URLs in the text.

Use comments to engage in conversation!

  • Don’t be afraid to express your opinion or disagree with somebody. As long as you are respectful about it, this is what ignites meaningful discussions.

Relate back to previous authors/readings that we have discussed in class.

  • Use the hyperlink tool to reference other online sources.
Challenge each other, and use your voice and opinion to create dialogue and voice.
Use quotes from other students’ blogs and build off of them.

And The Shining Star Awards Go To…

Most Comments: The World’s First ‘Ethical’ Smartphone… (Rachel G.)

Best Use of Media:  The Ethics in Risk Taking (Marty)

Best Imagery: Circular Economy & Sustainability (Lauren)

Most Insightful: Wanting to be Accountable (Don)

Exemplary Blog Posts:

Theresa: Are Unpaid Internships Ethical?

Kate: Patagonia: Giving Bucknell Students Some Peace of Mind

Discussion Questions:

How did you find your blog post?

Almost every blog had a at least a partially positive message. Does this suggest optimism for corporate responsibility and ethics?


Utilize the stars to vote for the best blog of the week!

Make sure you have a Gravatar and name.

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