Blog 5

The Sharing Economy- Hype or Hope?

For Blog 5, the Blgo Council (Madeline, Adri, and Jordi) thought it would be interesting to explore the idea of the sharing economy or collaborative consumption.

From Fast Company...

From Fast Company…

To do this, please listen to this podcast from KCRW, “The Rise of the Sharing Economy.”  The program, To The Point, is very good at bringing together people from different viewpoints.


After listening to the podcast, write a post about your reaction.  You can go many directions.

  • Do you agree more with one speaker?
  • What further questions do you have?
  • Would you participate more in the sharing economy?
  • Is it really all that “new”?
  • Why now?

The podcast page  has additional information.

Plus, here are two other links of interest.

Collabroative Consumption.  Is this like a social movement?  Can it lead to protests and protest policing like the Globalization from Below book argued?

“The Sharing Economy” by Daniel Sacks.  I just love Fast Company.

ALSO- remember advice from last BC:

Here are ways in which we can improve our blog:

Use clear paragraph breaks (and use them often)!

  • Long, drawn-out paragraphs make a blog post look less “clean” and concise.

Read through your blog post before publishing it!

  • Use spell check and grammar.

There is no need to say “blog #” within the title.

Embed URLs in the text.

Use comments to engage in conversation!

  • Don’t be afraid to express your opinion or disagree with somebody. As long as you are respectful about it, this is what ignites meaningful discussions.

Relate back to previous authors/readings that we have discussed in class.

  • Use the hyperlink tool to reference other online sources.
Challenge each other, and use your voice and opinion to create dialogue and voice.
Use quotes from other students’ blogs and build off of them.

What do YOU think? Tell us!

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