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Blog Council Report: Build your Blogging Skills

Hi everyone!

We really enjoyed reading the blogs this week, but we have some suggestions on how we can make it even better!

Here are ways in which we can improve our blog:

  • Use creative titles that capture the audience’s attention
  • Try in bring in outside sources even if not required
  • Be aware of your audience – there is no need to waste precious blog space with summary. Get right into it!
  • Keep comments brief and right to the point
  • Think outside of the box! Bring in new and unique ideas
  • Remember to rate posts every post you read! We developed a new rating system – Jordi will explain in class!

We discussed the importance of reading as many other blog posts as you can and we began to wonder how you choose which posts to read. Tell us what you think!

Here are some stand-out posts we noticed. This week’s theme is HIGH SCHOOL SUPERLATIVES!


Most Likely to be Comedy Writer for The Colbert Report: Andrew
Engaging and humorous introduction, made us want to continuing reading!

Most Creative Title: Kate
“Are we in Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood?”

Most Likely to have a TED Talk: Claire
Good job combining a number of ideas into one concise blog post.

Most Likely to write for The Economist: Don
Brought in interesting ideas about the economy!

Most Likely to have your own shown on HGTV: Madeline
Included an interesting example about community gardens.

Most Likely to sleep on your couch in 10 years: Marty
Picture + Experience = Explains it all

couch surfing

Most Likely to have your own podcast: Rachel
Included an insightful, though-provoking question that guided the discussion.

This week we added a new tab called the “Page of Glory” which will recognize the Top 3 posts for each week.
Winners This Week are…


What do YOU think? Tell us!

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