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He Called Me a Meanie!

Peter Wehner, writer for Commentary, wrote The Age of Invective touching on the verbal war that has spewed out from the government shutdown. Unfortunately much of the articles I found on the shutdown were not well-written opinion pieces but a series and lists of quotations from angry politicians. Luckily for me, Wehner wrote an opinion piece on these series and lists of quotations.

After taking the political “self-quiz” I was where I expected to be, right in the middle. Topic to topic, my opinions change drastically leaving me in “no mans land”. Regarding the shut down, I believe House Republicans are overstepping their boundaries and have recklessly turned our nations government into their own “game”. Wehner on the other hand, disagrees with me to the point that he thinks the backlash his political party has received is unjust. Personally, I wouldn’t call Republicans jihadist, racists or terrorists, but I do believe much of the criticism is fair-minded. Their tactics are outside of the realm of politics, as they are willing to hold the government hostage, to prove a point and try to get what they want. Because of this “game”, thousands are workers have been furloughed and without pay until further notice. They also have complete lack of respect for the political system, and how our government is run.

Regardless of my personal opinion it was interesting and insightful to read much of Wehner’s article. Wehner questioned why there has been a lack of civility within the political arena in recent years. Politics is designed to entice debate and disagreement, but there also needs to be mutual respect amongst peers and everyone needs to be treated with dignity. There is no place for crude and degrading comments in politics, or anywhere for that matter. In the end, we aren’t enemies; but friends working towards the same goal, a better America. And if we fail to realize, there is potential for catastrophic problems.

After reading the article I opened up to Wehner’s opinion. I realized these politicians aren’t bad people, they are admirably fighting for what they believe in. The issue lies in how they are fighting, and they are doing so in the wrong manner.


2 thoughts on “He Called Me a Meanie!

  1. I? think civility is over-rated in politics. I don’t mean to say one should be crass, but the idea that adversaries should not be adversarial is misguided.

    A better America really is Whiter and Christian for some people. For me it is multi-colored and multi-religious. How can we compromise?

  2. I agree that the number of articles out there are largely just lists of opinionated statistics and blaming quotes. As Jordi mentioned above for many Americans a Whiter more Christian America is “better” and the fact that the self quiz drew people to further extremes biasses on their answers only emphasis’ that.

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