Shutdown and Politics Blog 6

Shutdowns and You- Blog 6 Prompt

Government Shutdown Averted, The New York Time...

Government Shutdown Averted, The New York Times vending machine, New York City, New York, United States of America (Photo credit: Pranav Bhatt)

From the Blog council of Kelly, Tom, and Jordi

This week’s topic is the GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN. To begin, take this quiz to determine your political stance:

Now find an interesting article or opinion piece about the government shutdown that supports a stance opposite of your own.

Your goal is to find thoughtful commentary and avoid total reactionary opinions.
The idea here is that in our information-and-search saturated society, we can too easily only listen to opinions we agree with.  In the “good old days” of the 1990s and before, reading the paper or listening to the radio would often put other viewpoints in your eyes and ears (and brain).
If your stance is in the middle, choose one of the extremes.
Then, right a blog post that reflects your thoughts about the article. Here are some questions to consider while blogging:

Did you learn anything new that has changed your opinion? 

What do you gain from reading contrary opinions?

THESE ARE ONLY suggestions.  You can find your own as well.

Some ideas for thoughtful view points from the left.

Muy Left-o!


From the right




The Shutdown Prohet” an essay by Jonathan Chait.  Probalby left-ish.  I thought it was smart.

What do YOU think? Tell us!

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