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Is political resistance futile?


Amidst all the back and forth fighting going on in the US senate over the Obamacare bill, National Review Online writer Rich Lowry claims that the push for Obamacare by the Democrats will not remain an unopposed matter. The left side believes that the Republicans will “salute smartly”, as Lowry describes, to the bill while proposing modifications that were at the mercy of the Democratic swing. President Obama and his supporters refer to the problems with the current healthcare reform bill as “glitches” that simply need slight modification in order to get the program running as it should. Lowry claims that the program would require young people to buy insurance, employers would be encouraged to drop workers off their current plans, and suppresses full-time work through the employer mandate. This will (allegedly) still leave 30 million people uninsured in the US.

As we stand now, the government is partially shutdown and the public wants and needs answers. All they get is continued coverage of left vs. right and details about what republicans are doing to hinder democratic legislation from Obama.

Rich Lowry’s stance on the issue is one of continually restating how republicans will not let go of the resistance to Obamacare, and to the whole Democratic standpoint all together. By repeating the poll standings about approval over and over, its no surprise that an uninformed citizen who reads the article will leave with feelings negative towards Obama’s bills.

I think political resistance is futile and it is an glorified waste of the country’s time and money. Action is the only way to produce results, whether they be bad or good. The only way the American citizens will form justified opinions is if they see the results produced by real actions, not a war within the Senate that results in filibusters.

5 thoughts on “Is political resistance futile?

    • Well, I was named a post-modern on the quiz so maybe I was just skeptically interpreting the blog prompt……..(I forgot to mention it in the post)

      • Ha ha! Good answer. A true post-modern questions all categories imposed from above. Of course the Pew folks are using post-modern a bit loosely.

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