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My Way or the Highway

I chose an article by Byron York.  The name of the article was What Republican Rebels will do next in Shutdown Fight.  This article did not really sway my view, but led to more worries than I had before.  When taking the quiz I was told that I was a Libertarian, which is true.  I usually consider myself to be an independent who leans more towards the republican side of things.  However, what I have come to realize through this government shutdown is that no side is willing to negotiate.  They are set in their ways and will do whatever it takes to get their way.  It is no longer about what is good for the American public but one side doing whatever necessary to gain the upper hand.

Immediately I became worried about what the article was about because of the title.  Republican rebels?  What I understood by that was that this was a war within our federal government, which the article portrayed.  The Republicans are now seen as a rebel movement who will do whatever it takes to stop Obamacare and most if not all of the Democratic ideas.  And the Democrats are now seen as defending their prized possession and will not budge.  Obama has repeated said that he will not budge when it comes to Obamacare.  This is his crown achievement and he won’t let anything take that away from him.

What worries me about this article and the government shutdown in general is that it is no longer about the American people.  Both Democrats and Republicans I feel have lost sight of what their job is, which is to represent the American people.  No one is willing to compromise anymore.  And both sides will sacrifice whatever necessary to ensure they are the “winner.”  If the federal government cannot learn to compromise for the good of the American people then this government shutdown is just the beginning of many many problems to come.

4 thoughts on “My Way or the Highway

  1. I had the exact same reaction to the shutdown. No matter what your political stance, it is easy to realize this almost outside the realm of politics and just about “winning”. Both parties, should be willing to budge a little bit, and eventually will; it is how negotiating works. But I think this has crossed the line, and politicians need to realize as you said, they represent the American people first and foremost. And at this point all they are doing is causing us problems.

  2. OK, I´ve read alot of these now. And I have to take what you all say at some level as social facts.

    I just don´t see how left,right, libertarian, centrist or confused you can take this conflict and put it into the category of ” a pox on both your houses.”

    Congress most basic function is to raise revenue and set expenditures. Because he is worried his most tea party members would dump him as leader, he won´t bring a clean ¨CR,¨or clean resolution to the floor where it would PASS with all the Dems voting for it and some Republicans.

    Then the CDC, military, parks, IRS, EPA, and everything you like or dislike about the government can reopen and we can move on to normal back and forth.

    To put the ACA (Obamacare), a law passed like 4 years ago, and which is really a behemoth of many things, on the table side by side with this manufactured shutdown crisis is like… is like…

    You and your friends splitting the bill at a restaurant you just ate at, and you saying you won´t put your credit card down unless your friend Sean agrees to replay a game of Basketball he won three weeks ago, right now in the restaurant.

    At risk is a fundamental premise that we can govern ourselves. If Congress uses this to refight every single disagreement, we do not have a common body polity.

    You know the cold war?

    This will be a cold civil war.

  3. I like that even though we sit on opposite ends of the political spectrum, I still agree with most of your thoughts! Your quote, “Both Democrats and Republicans I feel have lost sight of what their job is, which is to represent the American people” really stuck out to me because I completely agree and wonder if those who “represent” us think that they truly are representing what the American people want… I would guess that they often forget the foundations that this country was built on and continue to defend their “side” of things.

  4. I concur with Rachel entirely. I think it is unfair that Republicans are being represented this way. Rebel such a strong word which is just not a good way represent people who are representing us in the media.

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