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Puzzle of Shutdown

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After taking the self-quiz, I was determined as a post-modern person. I agree on the conclusion under the column called “What They Believe”, however, I think this quiz could not reflect my true feeling about the U.S. society and government, just simply because I am not a U.S. citizen. And, I would say my opinions about this topic may be not right. I will just share my own feelings about the U.S. government shutdown as a foreigner.

I was first shocked by the news, and I thought it was fake news. In my mind, a government shutdown will lead the whole country to stop operating. As the big difference between the government of China and U.S., I soon realized that I was wrong and my concern was a little bit foolish. Then, I start to look at the reaction of China’s government towards this issue. “China holds $1.2 trillion in U.S. Treasury bonds, more than any other country. It also wants to protect its U.S. investments — $54 billion last year alone, according to one estimate.” wrote by Tracy Conner from NBCNEWS. This is obviously the most serious concern by most people not only work in the government but also the public. As a student here, I am asked frequently by my relatives, how do you feel about the economy in the U.S, is it strengthening or weakening? It is hard to answer. In my eyes, I see people here enjoy their lives and everything seems peaceful in a positive way, however, officials always show their negative emotions on their analysis.

“As the world’s largest economy and the issuer of the major reserve currency in the world, it is important for the U.S. to maintain the creditworthiness of its Treasury bonds,” Zhu said, according to AFP. Zhu is the Vice Finance Minister in China. His words show how important the U.S. economy status will affect the whole world not only China. Other Chinese students like I will also concern about the visa application through U.S., the efficiency of the process will certainly slow down.

5 thoughts on “Puzzle of Shutdown

  1. Your analysis as a foreign student is extremely insightful. The idea of a government shutdown is ridiculous, and you are not alone in thinking that.

    I appreciated your discussion of your family from home asking you about the American economy. “In my eyes, I see people here enjoy their lives and everything seems peaceful in a positive way”. At Bucknell, we only see a small piece of the picture, though. It is no secret that the students of Bucknell are relatively well-off financially, and have numerous luxury goods and can spend money when they want to. In actuality, a large majority of the US is in dire poverty, and the economy, while recovering, is still weak. Too often do legislators forget the plight of these people.

  2. I assume, tell me what you think, that China buys so much US debt because it wants the US economy to not implode so its consumers will keep buying iPads made in Shenzen so those workers can start to increase their livelihood so that they don´t start to think about political activity….

    So, China´s decision is not only an investment, but is part of an overall development strategy.

  3. It was very interesting to read about your perspective on this issue and about China’s interests in the U.S. economy. I can understand how it is difficult to determine whether our economy is strengthening or weakening because we hear so much negative media regarding it, yet most people around us seem to be doing just fine. I think Kate’s post gives some concrete examples of how more people than we think are negatively impacted by the changing economy, and especially by the government shutdown.

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