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Something Smells Fishy

As was mentioned in some of the previous blog posts, I too was rather uninformed about the details of the current government shutdown and I’m glad that this prompt gave me the opportunity to explore the issue more thoroughly. When I took the self-quiz I was placed in the middle of the spectrum as a post-modern, which didn’t really surprise me much. I then read a few articles from both the left and right to get a feel for some different perspectives on the topic.

The piece that I found most interesting and thought provoking was a blog post from FireDogLake, a progressive left-wing online organization.  The post is titled “Government Shutdown Threatening Food Safety.” As soon as I read this title I knew the article would be interesting because when I think about the shutdown, food safety is definitely not the first thing that comes to my mind. The post explained that due to the shutdown 90% of seafood imports are going uninspected due to the shutdown. In addition, half of the fruit and one-fifth of the vegetables imported are unchecked. The FDA is no longer blocking shipments from companies with a history of tainted foods and is not able to investigate any foodborne outbreaks.

If I had not read this blog post I don’t think that I would have ever been aware of this issue regarding food safety and the shutdown and I’m sure there are a lot of people who still don’t know about it. The big issues that come to most people’s minds are healthcare, budgets, spending, etc and we tend to overlook the possible social issues that can arise. You may not think that the shutdown will affect your everyday life but clearly it can. I know I’ll definitely be a lot more skeptical about eating any seafood until the shutdown is resolved.

I think that this article really shows the importance of investigating multiple perspectives and views on current events. Left wing liberals are more likely to bring light to these kinds of social and environmental issues that can arise from governmental actions, while traditional news articles may overlook these details.

8 thoughts on “Something Smells Fishy

  1. Wow! This is really interesting… I never would have thought about food safety being an issue with the shutdown. It really brings to light how the government effects our lives in ways that we don’t generally think about.

  2. I too will stay away from seafood in the future. It’s really remarkable how governmental agencies affect almost every aspect of our lives, including what we eat. I wonder what other less evident areas of our lives are being influenced by the shutdown. Have you come across anything else?

  3. I saw an article regarding the FDA and the shut down too. I had the same reactions, and that article was the reason why I read more about the government shutdown. We hear about museums being shut down and other things that don’t necessarily affect our lives, but its scary when you know something like the FDA is partially shut down due to the government.

  4. Madeline, I also read in a few articles that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is not monitoring flu outbreaks due to the shutdown, which is especially concerning right now because flu season has just started.

  5. It is so surprising to me that food normally checked is allowed to go through to consumers. It seems like such a health risk that it would fall under the necessary parts of government that are still being ran. I wonder what the protocol is to determine what is necessary or not.

  6. Thank you for discussing something about the shutdown that we haven’t heard a whole lot about! This is such an interesting topic. I think it’s incredible that there are so many ripples; the shutdown effects so many businesses and touches so many lives. I’m definitely thinking twice before I order shrimp scampi!

  7. People often think government is awful until they realize how much it does well or fine. LIke, I know people like to complain about the DMV. AT least around here, I have always had short lines and very helpful staff.

    I was wondeirng if federally funded research is shutting down. Scientists may have all kinds of biological experiments that will fail or die. Cell lines for curing diseases or studying DNA.

    As a scholar, that hits close to home.

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