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The Government Shut Down Long Ago

Defending the 1% spoke about the extreme poverty in the United States – those that make less than $2 a day. Extreme poverty is something that has become a major problem in the United State. Yes, it does only encompass 1% of our population, but these are still people who need help. Additionally, there is also 15% of the population is living below the poverty line. There are programs that have been implemented for those people who live below the poverty line, such as welfare and food stamps. However, programs such as these do not reach those people living in extreme poverty. As the author of the article said: that for these people, the government shutdown long ago.

In another class this year, we were assigned to read a book called “The Working Poor.” The book takes the reader through a series of life stories to describe a wide range of situations that people who live under the poverty line face. Many of the stories told described someone who could not break out of the cycle of poverty. These individuals tried their best to move up in their jobs and receive a higher salary to move away from welfare or any assistance from the government, but were unable to break free from this pattern. Many of the individuals have lived in these conditions their entire life. Their parents grew up below the poverty line and now they are too. This is sad to me because children are unable to help themselves when they are young to move away from these conditions.

I am not someone who is really into politics and find it interesting to hear a number of different viewpoints about topics. After reading this post and the book in class, I was able to gain knowledge to form an opinion on the topic. There are a number of people who live below the poverty line that abuse the welfare system; however, there are a lot more people who benefit from this government aid. It is important for people to understand that there is some entity trying to help them move forward and break out of the cycle of poverty. These are the people who truly need our help. Living on less $2 a day in the United States is not acceptable when there are people who are compensated $378 million a year. But how is it possible to reach those in extreme poverty?

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4 thoughts on “The Government Shut Down Long Ago

  1. I assume you are pointing out that headstart, meals on wheels, and other services for those in extreme poverty are being suspended. Good point.

    I took out some readings on the ethics of inequality and justice, as well as readings about the state of life in the USA.

    Sigh. Maybe we can do a blog week about it.

    I find that people who work 40 hours a week need food stamps and such as dmaning about our labor markets as about what government is or isn´t doing. I mean, come on, low-wage employers (I am looking at you Wal-mart) can say it holds down costs. Sure. But when I pay taxes to pay for my Wal Mart greeters food stamps, or their kid´s CHiP healthcare, I am still paying. Employers just shifted the payment mechanisms from them paying employees to the government redistributing to underpaid employees.

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  3. I think that is upsetting that so many people can work so hard and yet not make enough to support themselves. I think that we need change in the government about this issue. I mean saving money, is great for companies but we can’t cheap on a labor and each other. Why is it acceptable to send jobs overseas because they will accept less pay? It is upsetting and is hurting Americans.

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