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Try Turning It Off and On Again!

I found an article to read from The Economist, titled “The shutdown: Democrats should tell Republicans what they really want.” Although the article talks about the views of both Republicans and Democrats, I focused more on what the Democrats thought about this issue. I did so, because when I took the Typology Quiz, I was placed in the “Main Street Republican” category. Usually, while I am at Bucknell I do not keep up with the issues occurring back in my home of Washington DC. However, I could not miss the fact that they government actually shut down, it was all over the place.

Clearly, this is a big deal to have the government be shutdown for almost a week now. Obamacare was passed, yet it still is an issue that no one seems to agree on. This leads to the issue with the budgets and the debt ceiling that the Republicans do not want to increase. I understand why they would not want be in even more debt than we are, yet the Republicans even voted to pass Obamacare. So, why back out now when it’s already been put into motion? As the article describes, the Republicans thought they would be able to negotiate and change the budget to fund healthcare. However, Obama will not budge and renegotiate and held a threat to shutdown.



It is important to have opposite views, which allows people to see all sides of the situation. However, to not even negotiate and come to some kind of agreement, the problem will never be resolved. Who is willing to budge?

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5 thoughts on “Try Turning It Off and On Again!

  1. I agree. It seems that both parties are just standing their ground, not making an effort to come to an agreement. As someone else mentioned in their post, the two parties are acting like a child and fighting just for the sake of fighting.

  2. Well, one perspective is that he did negotiate in the actual ACA bill which included a huge payout for insurers (they get millions of customers), uses many market mechanisms, like health exchanges, and tried to be revenue “neutral” (meaning not raise taxes).

    I think his point is that if we need to make changes to the ACA system, let´s do that on its own terms and not use all the collateral damage done to the economy by the shutdown.

  3. First of all, I love the picture you put in. I found it pretty funny. And I agree with you a about Obamacare being passed and how its still going nowhere because people are still attempting to defund it, or at least thats what I read in one article. What’s happened has happened, yet we’re still unable to move forward.

  4. I would also agree that it is time to negotiate. Keeping the government shut down is not helping anyone and in reality is only causing more problems. It is time to come to a solution regardless of who budges.

  5. As most people seem to agree, I also find its time for some negotiations.I believe the government should never be shut down, and at this point the politicians need to get over their egos and start making some strides towards a resolution. This government shutdown is helping no one and affecting many people negatively.

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