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Who’s Acting Childish Now?

After taking the self-quiz I was placed in the category of post moderns. Post-moderns are a group of people, mostly white, who are basically defined as tree huggers and people who are into social rights and solving fights through discussion rather than force. While at first I thought it wasn’t true, after going through the questions again and reevaluating myself, I definitely see myself fitting into this category. While I am not necessarily a tree hugger, I am definitely more environmentally conscious than most of my friends, and if I was passionate about a certain social rights topic, I would definitely voice it actively. At the same time, I find myself one that likes to use words and discuss and evaluate every side of a story before making a decision, and I believe that’s where my argument comes into play in this blog post.

I knew the government shut down as most people had heard in the past week, but never really knew why until reading the articles for our blog post. While I do find it rather ignorant of myself to not know what is going on with American politics, it doesn’t surprise me because I never took a stand in regards to politics because I always often found it too messy and never had a side to pick. So, after reading the articles this week I don’t think I necessarily changed my mind about the shutdown or picked one side or the other by reading opposing views, but I did learn one thing—I think I finally learned why I never do engage in American politics too much.

After reading various articles by right-wing people, left-wing people, and just articles in general, one thing I picked up on was the way our “leaders” have been acting lately. For the government to ever shut down is just wrong in my opinion. These people are known as our countries leaders and if they can’t figure out what they are doing and can’t resolve these problems, how are we supposed to trust them to solve any problems? Yes we are currently the strongest nation in the world, but how will this shut down affect our rankings in the future with other countries, especially if no resolutions are made?

I don’t exactly take either a Democratic or Republican stance in terms of blame, but rather found both parties are to blame here. How can the president just shut down the government and refuse to negotiate with Republicans until they agree on some of his terms? If the Republicans want to negotiate and are offering different settlements, why hasn’t Obama looked at them yet instead of being stubborn and waiting for his demands to be met first? I don’t think the Republicans are the only ones to be blamed in this situation, but at the same time I do find they have some fault in the issue as well. I don’t think the way they went about the situation was necessarily right, but they are trying to negotiate and come to terms, but thus far the Democrats are not seeing eye to eye. I believe the both parties are to blame and both are being stubborn in some sense. But mostly, I just find both sides to be acting like children. How can you act this way and let our government just shut down because you can’t resolve and don’t want to talk about one issue? You can’t just act that way and refuse to talk and negotiate just because you don’t want to hear what they say or want things to go only your way—that’s just childish in my opinion.

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3 thoughts on “Who’s Acting Childish Now?

  1. As I read some articles and learned more about the shutdown, I too developed a more negative attitude towards the government and their current actions. It seems as if they are so caught up in resolving this dispute that they are forgetting about their other responsibilities, and as you described it, acting like children.

  2. “At the same time, I find myself one that likes to use words and discuss and evaluate every side of a story before making a decision…”

    Something we should ALL aspire to.

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