Shutdown and Politics Blog 6

Who’s to Blame?

The people-press quiz that categorizes person’s political beliefs labeled me as a “solid liberal”. While I normally consider myself somebody who stands center left I believe that the survey questions about immigration and religion pulled me further to the left than I am in reality. I learnt a fair bit during this exercise, largely as a result of not really understanding why the government had shut down, I was also surprised to find out just how many peers similarly did not understand the reasons.

While my opinion didn’t change when reading articles from the far right it drew attention to the fact that even within the Republican party there is still a large amount of disagreement as to whether the government should be shut down. “Even 59 percent of self-described conservatives don’t like what Republicans are doing” (Wagstaff).

One of the major things I gained from reading contrary opinions was how easily both sides are to blame. If Obama does not take a hardline approach to the Republican demands it could easily set a precedent for actions in the future. All the while if an agreement is not met in the near future it could cause the country to go into default on its loans, which could also have some large ramifications with some suggesting that it could cause another economic depression. Others, even on the Republican side, do not believe that the extent of not coming to a resolution by the October 17 deadline will be that bad.

While I can understand both sides views it is hard to understand how long this can possibly go for. As the satirical website, the onion, points out a country with just under $17 trillion in GDP last year can’t keep its parks and museums open.

One thought on “Who’s to Blame?

  1. This is a story of organizations and political structure, not the actual will of the people, as your 59% figure shows.

    Boehner needs the support of about 80 conservatives to keep his position. Their constituents may love this.

    Even if they don´t, those congresspeople may not care.

    National polls won´t tell us much.

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