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Dumb and Dumber

Ok, since I made  you all out each other politically, I should go too.

While I feel that each statement in the Pew typology test pushes me too far one way, it is the nature of it.  I like it since it is more than left-right and gets into nuances like liberal, mainstreet conservative, post-modern and so on.

Yeah, I´m solidly liberal.  But I don´t cheerlead for partisan hacks or blindly follow anyone.  In truth, I am more of a pragmatist progressive with some libertarian leanings on limiting the role of the state.  On many policy issues, I am more interested in a range of options then locking in the left-right choice.

I believe in wearing lots of different hats.  I don´t think part of being a professor is to indoctrinate you into anything besides being unrelenting in questioning the status quo of politics, economics, or your own thinking.

One reason I like this prompt is that I think in this class, and as intellectuals, we need to discuss politics and policy.  Hiding behind a pleasant muzzle of non-confrontation is silly and cowardly.

Couldn´t find Dumb and Dumber Cartoon…


So, to the title…

Dumb: The debt ceiling.  How does a firm or a family know it can borrow?  When interest rates are low.  The US government can borrow at very low rates.  The markets, at least so far, do not think we are a risky bet.  Moreover, it is a false analogy to compare it to a household budget.

Also Dumb: The debt ceiling is a stupid law.  Congress ALREADY passed this budget.  Now they get to vote for popular programs and then moan and wail about spending.  If you care so damn much about deficts this year or debt overall, DON´T VOTE FOR A DEFECIT BUDGET:  Duh.

Dumber: Obama giving Boehner et al lots of concessions the last time we drove up to the fiscal cliff.  He signaled he could be brought to the table.


Mr. Stutzman:

“We’re not going to be disrespected,” said Congressman Stutzman during an interview with the Washington Examiner on Tuesday.  “We have to get something out of this. And I don’t know what that even is.”

Ever heard of sunk costs?  

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