You're what you eat (Blog 7)

You Are What (your supply chain gives you to?) Eat [Blog 7 Prompt]

From the blog council (Jenna, Kate, Kaitlyn):

“…we thought it would be interesting for the next blog post to have people search the internet for a video/article/or controversial image that depicts the american food supply. Include the link and describe the ethical consideration as well as their thoughts and reactions.”

Future of Food?

As per their instructions, you should focus on what might be controversial.

MAKE SURE YOU CAN ADD MEDIA! Here is extra support.

Vimeo and YouTube are supported by, for example.

Also, you can be “smart” about image searches.  For example, Flickr, or other photo-sharing sites pool pictures together.  On a hunch, I tried searching by the tag “food supply chain.”  Interesting possibilities.

I also created a gallery in Flickr, and used ITS settings to link to this blog.   It does’t flow like a real slide show, but useful nonetheless.

So, please, don’t always do just what you already know, but, if you see ways to bring in good content, take five minutes and learn how to do it.  I hear how millenials are a “digital native” generation.  Show me!

PS- the wordpress mobile apps are pretty good too.  I read about 1/4 of your posts on my Droid phone.

Protesters in California in 2012, from US News & World Report

I happen to have my own collection of food links and resources.  You can use these also, but honestly, I was kind of disappointed last week that it seemed like almost everyone used what I provided.  Try not to repeat what others have done, ok?

Some Ideas

Food Deserts in USA

Ideas about Changing Food Supply Chains

Resources (all grades) for teaching about food (from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health)

Slow Food Usa

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA)

A list of some VERY local food producers. AND Bucknellian coverage of the LOOP (Lewisburg Co-op).

Finally, for now.  Resources provided by Michael Pollan, a nationally recognized food author, critic, activist, and policy advocate.

What do YOU think? Tell us!

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