Beef or Pink Slime?

A couple of years ago, Jamie Oliver created a TV show called Food Revolution. He traveled around the country performing demonstrations to his audience that illustrated the American food supply chain. The clip above was performed to school children and their parents describing the meat that is used in their school lunches. As you watch the clip, you can see the parent’s faces melt. They cannot believe that a school is serving their children leftover ‘beef’ cleaned with ammonia. As the episode continues, he asks the parents how they feel about this demonstration? If they think the government has the right to hide this from society?

Why is there no requirement for meat producers to label their packages? If anyone was knowledgeable of the fact that these leftover parts and ammonia made up 15% of their meat, I think that they would be willing to pay an extra dollar or two for organic grass fed beef. Shouldn’t the government be looking out for the health of society? Or at least the health of the future generations? Isn’t this unethical?

I believe that the government has an ethical responsibility to monitor the food we eat. There should be a standard for what parts of meat enter into the market. Humans should not be eating parts of meat that are processed into dog food. Even if the government cannot create standard to monitor this inclusion of parts and chemicals, they should require meat producers to explicitly label their products. Unfortunately, it appears that the government has a relationship with the meat production industry.

5 thoughts on “Beef or Pink Slime?

  1. I watched this entire series over the summer a couple years ago. I was addicted! Jamie Oliver is truly inspiring. I think he was made a huge impact on many Americans’ mentalities.

  2. I completely agree that the government should have some regulation over the meat that we eat. I think that if the government cannot regulate the entire meat market, they should at least educate the public more to know the effects of these chemicals some may be eating.

  3. I remember first seeing that picture of the ‘pink slime’ a few years back. Back in my high school, I swear, the hot dogs actually bounced. You could drop a hot dog on the ground and it would bounce back up like a Spalding ball. Scary stuff. Absolutely makes you wonder about how the government can allow this meat to be served to our nation’s youth.

  4. I am not sure that bouncy hot dogs are related to pink slime…

    An all natural hot dog can be bouncy… it is probably a function of water and strength of the “casing” that it is made of.

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