You're what you eat (Blog 7)

Feeling Horse?

The recent IKEA scandal in which they found large amounts of horse DNA in their Swedish Meat Balls drew attention to the fact that we don’t always know what it is we are eating. As a consumer we are essentially forced to put complete faith in the provider of the food that it is essentially what you expected to get. While I do believe education should play a large role in influencing what people decide to consume having horse as an uninvited guest to your lunch time shopping break is not the consumers fault.

Food companies are left with a large amount of power in influencing consumers as to what a “healthy” choice is. Fast food and soda companies can manipulate the  servings per package by solely showing nutritional values as an extremly high percentage or vice verser. This mens health game shows that in many cases what marketing campaigns have led you to believe as the healthier choice are in fact incorrect.

While trying to find interesting articles on food standards and what is and is not acceptable I ran in to this article. It discusses how “relaxed” the food standards are. Regardless of a persons stance on how much effort/or toxins should be used to make sure our food is free of insects or mold something that made me feel nauseous was this picture and the thought of how many maggots a day I might be eating.


One thought on “Feeling Horse?

  1. Oh god, Marty, that picture! I am sad that you read about IKEA’s Swedish meatballs–I love them! (Ew, horse?!) I definitely agree that we should be more aware of what is going into our food, because it is going into our bodies as well. I guess I don’t think twice about what I am eating most of the time because I think that some government agency is looking out for me. But I guess not as much as I think.

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