BC Reports

Blog Council Report (7 on Food)

Just some reminders:

-Read and Rate 5 posts, but comment on 3!

-Try and come back to the blog, don’t just comment on the first 3 you see.

-Keep it fresh, look at a different classmates blog.

-Embed your videos and highlight the time in the video that you talk about in your posts.

-Keep the titles clear. Have fun but connect it to your blog as soon as possible.

-Search for blogs to read by tags- what is interesting to you?

In light of our food theme, here is our assortment of awards this week!

The bread on the table



A staple piece that was well written and curbed our hunger

The Appetizer



Wet our appetite for more information on food waste

 The Main Course


Image Main Dishes

A well rounded piece that hit all the food groups

A Sweet Treat



Beautifully executed and satisfied our sweet tooth

After Dinner Drink



 Rounded out the meal with a great perspective

What do YOU think? Tell us!

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