Paper 2 and haiku (blog 8)

Poetry for Paper 2- Blog post 8

So as we touched on in class, this week your blog will have two parts.

Go out and find an article that ties to the case you would like to write about in paper two. Use the library resources to help you! (Stakeholder blog info literacy.  Stakeholder blog resources.  Jordi’s bookmarks for 312/302)

Once you locate your article do a regular blog post about it, commenting on why it will be a good case for paper two, and what ethical perspective you plan on evaluating it with.  Keep in mind it would benefit you to select a case which you can then try and create a policy for in the white paper.

Then go back to the top of your blog and write a haiku poem!!! This will be used to clue readers in to what your case is about. Be creative and enjoy. Remember to put it at the top of your blog. It will benefit you to have done your post first however, so that you understand it better.

A Haiku is a simple poem with three lines… usually the are made up of five, seven, and then five syllables in each line.   Although, there are not haiku police to arrest you if you violate it.

Why?  It is fun.  Also, as a writer, no matter what your final form or genre, it is good to exercise other forms of writing.


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