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My grandpa mentioned to me that he used Khan Academy, an online self-teaching tool, over the summer to learn about some new and updated topics that are taught in today’s schools. I forgot about his comment until I saw a commercial announcing the collaboration of Bank of America and Khan Academy on the subjects of financials and banking. After I looked farther into Khan Academy, I learned that it is a non-profit organization that strives to provide education to everyone, a noble goal.

The article One Man, One Computer, 10 Million Students: How Khan Academy Is Reinventing Education explains some of the programs that Khan Academy offers, all for free. They include videos for students that explain a variety of subjects ranging from math and science to arts and humanities, tracking mechanisms that allow teachers to see the improvement of their students, and more recently, interactive programs that are not based online.

The article also highlights some future opportunities for Khan Academy and online education; “The biggest opportunities of all may be in the developing world.” Internet access exists in most developing countries and tablets come in cheap versions. Khan Academy video could also store videos on thumb drives so that people in developing countries may access them. Translators at Khan Academy currently translate the videos into several languages so that kids all over the world can watch them.

“’Sal Khan is arguably the most impactful educator in the world, and he has done it in 24 months,’ says GSV’s Moe. ‘That’s really cool and exciting and motivating. He is leading the revolution. My only disappointment is I think he could have done just as well as a for-profit–although it’s hard to argue he made the wrong strategic decision.’” This insight shows the moral integrity that Khan and Khan Academy possess by running the company as a non-profit. I plan on analyzing Khan Academy from the Utilitarian Ethics point of view, showing the ways that the company’s decisions could potentially impact students in addition to other forms of education. I also want to look into their partnership with Bank of America and how this could impact their values and non-profit standing.

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8 thoughts on “All Khan Learn Online

  1. Khan academy is a really interesting website he single handily through the use of his youtube tutorials got me through statistics last year. I was unaware that the website was partnered with Bank of America and I think that it will be interesting to see how large a role they actually have, particularly with the large number of claims they currently face for unethical behavior

  2. My brother and I have used Khan Academy in high school and even in college. Even the United States struggles to provide education equity to today’s children. Khan Academy is an invaluable tool to those in the developing world, and even undeserved, poorly funded schools in the United States.

  3. I have never hear of Khan Academy before, so this post was really informative. I think it’s a great business model, especially because it provides education to individuals in developing companies. From an ethical standpoint, it seems as though Sal Khan definitely strives to do provide the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

  4. How does the organization cover costs?

    Do the programs provide any certification or proof of learning? Would employers of various types accept those classes?

    Is what he doing threatening to traditional education? This may overlap with what are called MOOCs; Bucknell has been intensely studying them and how it relates to what we do.

    From a utilitarian perspective, what are the costs? On the surface, hard to see much negative costs. By the same token, to dig into this, we would want to know how effective the instruction actually is. Maybe the benefit is not as tremendous as it seems.

  5. I, too, have recently seen the Bank of America commercials that aim to make themselves look extremely ethical by connecting themselves with Khan Academy by proposing that everyone can learn how to manage their money properly through the Khan tutorials. After seeing the commercials, I felt inclined to check the initiative out because it seemed too good to be true… Is a bank pushing its customers to learn how to bank on their own? The concept seemed like there may be a funky story behind it, so good luck in your research!

  6. I have used Khan University as well. I really think this organization can provide significant opportunities for people in third world countries as well as those in low-income communities in the US that have very few resources for their schools. I didn’t know that they are linked with Bank for America. I honestly don’t believe that this was a good move.

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