Paper 2 and haiku (blog 8)

Big Programs, Big Money, Building championship teams the wrong way

Getting paid to play

College programs breaking rules



It seems that there is always some form of illegal activity surrounding large, successful football and basketball programs within the NCAA. Nearly everyday on the sports Sports Center line up, there is a few minutes dedicated to an update regarding the illegal funding, coaching behavior, or booster involvement in recruiting. In paper two I plan on exploring the recent University of Miami NCAA violations involving the booster Nevin Shapiro.

            Miami notified the NCAA in 2009 that internal investigations were being conducted surrounding illegal funding activity. The NCAA then began its own investigation into the University’s athletic programs, specifically basketball and football, stating the university had a “lack on institutional control.” The investigation endured for nearly three years before reaching a final verdict of allegations and penalties.

A few examples of Nevin Shapiro’s involvement includes evidence that he entertained recruits, players, and coaches at various restaurants around Miami, in addition to hosting players on his yacht, paying for recruits hotels, and helping to secure athletic prospects by involving his own money into the recruiting process. It comes to no surprise that the man who seemed to have all the money in the world is currently serving a 20 year sentence in Federal prison for his involvement in a $930 million ponzi scheme.

To be proactive, Miami decided to partake in self-imposed sanctions. This included a restriction on the football team from participating in any post -season games for two years. During the 2012 season, this prevented Miami from participating in the ACC championship game, denying them the possibility of a Bowl game.

I plan to write about the ethics surrounding the actions of players, coaches and boosters within the NCAA sports environment with recruiting and extra benefits from the perspective of virtue ethics. What is more important? The integrity of the programs, or the success they achieve?

4 thoughts on “Big Programs, Big Money, Building championship teams the wrong way

  1. Brigit I am very excited that you are exploring this topic especially because of how much publicity it is getting. My question would be are you looking into what the university does in its recruiting process, or the actions of their students, or both?

  2. Very cool topic. It’s funny how American entertainment has become one of the highest paid industries and most controversial. These unethical actions have some how become part of the entertainment. What is the substance behind this industry? I mean Brett Farve has no recollection of his daughter playing soccer this summer. What’s it all worth?

  3. I really like this idea you are going to research. I wonder if there are any other schools or individuals that partake in such a scheme they just have not been caught yet. There are many unethical actions that seem to surface in the sports world.

  4. This topic is awesome. My parents and I always get into a discussion about craziness/scandals of sports. Your last line really sums it up- are we so fame-obsessed, power-hungry, and entertainment-crazy that we are polluting the integrity of the game? Sports are a special for the pureness of competition, fairness and teamwork. However, nowadays those qualities seem to be shrinking to the background.

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