Paper 2

Natural Ethics: Gas or No?             Sustainable and economic energy manifestation has rapidly become one of the most pressing issues at hand for human society, more so with the ongoing technological boom that will only continue to grow faster in the future. As responsible and aware members of Earth, human society must take sustainable energy … Continue reading

Storytime (blog 11)

8 Dollars

I decided to write a short story about some of the illegal immigrant workers that were being exploited by the toy company Ty for cheap labor. [3:33 am]: Laying in bed, unable to fall asleep again…..I’m already used to waking up at 4 am I guess at this point. [3:49 am]: After making sandwiches for … Continue reading

Cathy’s Version of Events
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Cathy’s Version of Events

I decided to write my short story as a reflection piece from the perspective of Mike Daisy’s translator, Cathy, after hearing about Daisy’s piece on working conditions at Foxconn. “今天我遇到了一名美国记者采访了谁打电话核实一个故事,以前的’商人’麦克·黛西,他是一个人,我最近翻译为他走访了三个不同的工厂在中国各地,采访到了一些人对他们的在工厂的工作条件和时间,然而,这是一个非常不同 Continue reading