BC Reports / Make Known Unknown (Blog 9)

Blog Council Report: Make Known Unknown


This week’s blog council featured Dan and Jordi. Great work from everyone on their posts! We examined lots of stories that may not receive as much media attention or general public awareness as they should. I don’t know about the rest of you, but this was one of the more enlightening weeks for the blog; it was very enjoyable to read about all of these new and fascinating stories.

Blog Council Reactions

Groupthink: One of the issues the blog council discussed was the notion that the first one or two people to rate a post end up dictating what everyone else will rate. To elaborate, if I am about to click on a post and see that it only has two stars, I am more likely to have an inherit bias as I read the post. Don’t just rate a post the same thing everyone else rated it! Someone may really dislike a post and give it a two, but if you think it’s a five, give it a five!

The Use of Humor: It seems that blogs that are written about lighter subjects with a sense of humor tend to be the ones that have gotten the most views and comments. If you find a way to incorporate these into your post, go for it! Don’t feel obligated to, though. Some of the posts this week (Garrett and Evelyn) did a great job examining darker and more technical/scientific topics without incorporating humor or wit.

Blog Council Awards

Bringing it Back Award: These blogs brought back past topics discussed in class and provided a new take.

Jenna and Weichen 

Last Laugh Award: These blogs ended with a bang, with humorous and noteworthy last sentences that left the reader satisfied.

Kate and Rachel

The Real Deal Award: These blogs used multiple external links, graphs, and videos, combined with great writing and interesting topic choices.

Emily, Adri, and Madeline

Post of the Week: With a great video, enticing title, informative and relevant topic, the post of the week goes to…



Blog Competition

Criteria: Views (1 pt), Internal Comments (3 pts), Likes (5 pts), External Comments (12 pts)

Contest will go through the end of the blog, and there will be prizes! Suggestions?

Current Standings:

1. Emily: 171 pts

2. Madeline: 94 pts

3. Dan: 60 pts

For next week…

We will be writing blogs about a TED Talk of our choosing. Pick whatever you’re interested in, there are TED Talks about tons of topics! Make sure to link the video (if you can) and note a specific time in the video that would be worth watching. For example… “A particular phrase that stuck out to me took place at 2:35”


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