TED Talk (Blog 10)

Escape from North Korea

I watched this Ted Talk last semester, and I was crying while the girl was talking her story. The story is unbelievable, but I am sure it is true based on my own knowledge. I am not sure where to recommend on start watching, since it is a whole story, but I think you can start anywhere and stop anywhere, and it will shock.

North Korea, as a neighbor country of China, seems mysterious to its outside world. Nuclear weapon is always the topic when people talk about it, also some politic issues.

Before I moved to Shenzhen, I lived in Harbin, it locates in the northeast of China, which is close to the North Korea. There are large numbers of Chaoxian (Korean) nationality live there. My family has several friends who have close relationship with people in North Korea, and I would like to share one of the story I heard when I had a dinner with a friend.

Mr. P (our family’s friend) is an owner of a Korean restaurant in  suburb of Harbin, he was born in China, but most of his relatives are still in North Korea. One of his relatives had a chance to travel across the river to visit Mr. P, as he operates a business importing clothes from China to North Korea. As Mr. P has a restaurant, it is reasonable to think that he would entertain his friend with his best dishes in the restaurant; however, I was completely wrong! Mr. P said, he locked his friend in a room upstairs of his house, and only provided him with vegetables and water for each meal. Why? Since, it is impossible to get meat and alcohol in North Korea as common people. If Mr. P’s friend had meat or drinks in China, when he went back to North Korea, he would miss the food in China, and that poor living standard in North Korea would make him die. So why didn’t he stay in China and never go back? Since his family is in North Korea, if the government knows his escape,  all his family members have to be executed.

This is not a story written in a history book, it is what happening now in North Korea.

One thought on “Escape from North Korea

  1. PUBLIC EXECUTION at age 7…. I mean she saw it. That is awful.

    It is hard to understand how the Kim family has maintained such power over its people for so long (60 years now?). What do you think?

    Such misery at the hands of its own government should never be forgotten. I appreciate what you are saying about the lack of visibility of the plight of the North Korean people. Still, Amazon.com does have 513 books on North Korean history alone…

    So, knowledge is out there. But power is needed too.

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