TED Talk (Blog 10)

Is it Fiction, Non-fiction, or Twitter Fiction?

After surveying quite a few Ted talks, trying to find something that related to my paper 2, settling on a Ted and annotating it only to discover that it had already been blogged about, I went for a different approach.

The Ted Talk I selected was a talk given by Andrew Fitzgerald called “Adventures in Twitter Fiction” featured right here for your viewing pleasure. I chose it based on my interest in Twitter, its recent IPO and the development of its stock. The talk is about fiction writing and this was interesting to me too.

I found this talk to be very interesting and it had me thinking a lot about the trends in writing and where writing is headed in the future.

Andrew Fitzgerald explained how people have been using Twitter to tell stories. Twitter limits each “tweet” to 140 characters so the story is told over a series of tweets. Short stories obviously are more common. Or many people have also approached it by distributing “episodes over Twitter.”

For example Crimer Show is a an odd production that is about a criminal and detective that is produced in eppasods (episodes) via Twitter. To find about more see time 9:35 in the Ted Talk

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 3.32.11 PM

More mainstream is The New Yorker Fiction tweet series that tells stories at a certain time and people tune in. Fitzgerald loved the idea of tuning into digital fiction. Like flipping on your radio to hear a fireside chat! One neat part of this is that the “tweeter” controls the pace at which you read. So you can’t speed read ahead but must wait tweet by tweet which builds lots of suspense.

I really like Fitzgerald’s statement at 7:41 where he says ” once you take flexible identity, anonymity, engagement with the real world and you move beyond simple image or parody, and you put these tools to work in telling a story, that’s when things get really interesting.” One thing that makes these Twitter Fictions try unique is their ability to engage with the real world . Twitter is CONSTANTLY updating. They can comment on whatever is happening currently in the world.

In high school we approached literary works by their time period. What will school’s have their students reading about this time period. Could it be Twitter Fiction?

3 thoughts on “Is it Fiction, Non-fiction, or Twitter Fiction?

  1. Did You See Neil Gaiman when He Was Here? Oh…My Phon Is Capitalizing Each Word So Annoying.

    ShOrtest StorY Ever Told, By ernest hemmingway.

    Bay Clothes. For Sale. Never Worn.

  2. This is so interesting! I actually really like the concept of the New Yorker Fiction tweet series. You are right- where is our technologically world going to venture next? Will there be compilations of printed fiction tweet series? Is twitter making the world of fiction more shallow? Cool topic.

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