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scary news about electronic tattoos

In honor of my technology midterm tomorrow, this week I decided to watch a TED talk that related to technology. My TED talk is one that relates to probably everyone, and its about social media and what we publish on the internet. I don’t think I’m the only one whose guilty of posting something without thinking about what it actually is, whether it be a stupid picture or a certain comment that I shouldn’t have. But what many of us may not think of is what happens to all that data, and how does it effect us and our future?

When listening to the TED talk, the one thing that really captured my attention was when Juan Enriquez mentioned the idea of “electronic tattoos” (TIME: 1:05-1:21) In this part of the clip he mentions that with every single thing we decide to post on the internet, we create this electronic tattoo for ourselves. Everything that we publish stays on the internet, and therefore stays with us and our image–its like a permanent tattoo that’s on the internet instead of our bodies. But unlike having a tattoo on your body, an electronic tattoo never dies, even if we do. It leaves an everlasting legacy that will always be on the internet for all to see.

So the question is, after hearing that is anyone afraid about what their electronic tattoo may show about you? Are there Facebook photos or tweets that you now wish you may not have posted or have in your profiles? Our generation is so involved with the internet, but we often don’t think about or are aware of the consequences that come with being so into technology. Truth is while technology may be wonderful, it does have its dangers. Personally I try not to have photos tagged of me on Facebook or tweet things that may impose a bad image on myself, but sometimes that’s not in my control, lets say if someone tags me in a picture. Sure I can untag myself, but that picture never really leaves the internet–its there forever, as is the electronic tattoo. I think all of us need to be a little more careful with what we say, do, and search on the internet because although it seems like nothing, most of what we do is now monitored and come back to us rather easily. All of this leaves me to wonder, what exactly does my electronic tattoo say and reveal about me, and would I be okay with or upset with it?

I also hope I left enough spacing between my paragraphs this time…

Source: http://www.ted.com/talks/juan_enriquez_how_to_think_about_digital_tattoos.html

7 thoughts on “scary news about electronic tattoos

  1. I think it’s ironic that in discussing the topic of “electronic tattoos” on the internet you are adding to your pre-existing. This is actually something that I have thought quite a lot about particularly when writing these blogs. Will future employers find my blog? What will they think? Will it affect future employment?

  2. I believe the idea of electronic tattoos are a very important topic that needs to be addressed much more. Too often people put things on the internet without thinking, myself included. There needs to be a better understanding that once it is out there, you can never get it back.

  3. I feel that electronic tattoos become especially serious when young adolescents are involved due to the potential of cyber bullying and even suicidal consequences of such actions. However, the original point of the internet is to share information with other people whether we know who they are or not. We are free to do as we please. We willingly create avatars for our lives on the internet with the initial conception of it just being a convenience and a source of entertainment. I find it very dumb that social media “history” has escalated to the level that it becomes a permanent imprint on an identity that is completely virtual to begin with. Real actions and words express who someone is, when they are face to face with other people.

  4. I Juat Feel LKe It Is So Hard To Manage My Tatoos That It Is Not Worth The Effort. Maybe Its Foolish. I Am Waiting For The Invasions Of PrIvacy To Get So Bad That There Is A Revolution Dor Greater Privacy. Eaaier To Waut FOr Big ChanGe then To Go Crazy Fighting The System Alone With PrivCy Aettings.

  5. This is a topic that seems to be growing as the forefront of much heated discussions these days. It has become a problem that many people need to become aware. I think some of the younger age groups, ours included, have neglected to really know what certain consequences of posting to the internet may entail. This is an issue that many people need to become more aware of and really think before posting something.

  6. I think employers should be more open about their policies. People deliberately hide things or leave them off the internet anyway for that reason but it seems like an unrealistic goal. What’s out there is out there and why should we have the extra stress in life?

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