BC Reports

Blog #10 BC Report


We found this week to be a real homerun!

All of us agreed that this week was definitely one of the best ones in terms of creativity and excitement, while also bringing forth relative issues. We think that this week people really stepped up more than most other weeks, and we attribute that to being able to choose from a wider range of topics that you as a writer could relate to. While reading the blog posts, we found people were able to bring the reader into the conversation, instead of just talking at someone, which is how these assignments may feel at times. We really enjoyed how people were not just writing because they had to, but felt passionate about what they were discussing.

The one thing we wanted to bring up in terms of blogs posts is really just a little pep talk. We all know it’s the end of the year and we are all tired and dreading the start of finals and just want to go home and do nothing for a little bit, but we only have a few more blog posts left, so let’s make them good ones! This week went really well in terms of blog posts, so let’s keep that up. Making these posts good will only help make the process more enjoyable, instead of making it feel like just another assignment. In terms of blog council helping, well try and do our part as well, by thinking of interesting topics that allow us explore our creative side.


Rookie of the Year- Andrew

Behind the Lines- Weichin

Instant Replay- Kate

Jim Thorpe Award- Dan

Top Plays of the Week- Garrett, Emily, Marty

Best of the Best- Rachel, Andrew

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