Storytime (blog 11)

A Day in the Life

Finally, it was my turn. Today is the day that I receive a name, am wrapped up, and delivered to my new home. They choose the name Thank You and stamped it on my chest for everyone to know. I am put in a box with a lot of other people named Thank You and we travel for a long time. The truck finally comes to a stop and we know that we are home. Someone opens the box and takes us out. It has been a long trip, so they let us rest on a shelf.

The next day we are hung on display for everyone to see. There is a line to take us home. They fill us with all different kinds of things – vegetables, bread, candy, shampoo, etc. Anything you can think of! One person even took twenty of the others home. I don’t know why she needed that many, but that meant I was next. They filled me with milk and bread and carried me out of the door.

I rode home in the car – I even got to sit in the front seat. Most of the others have to sit in the trunk. When we get home she takes out the milk and bread and then for some reason walks outside and throws me in a big bin. Luckily, it was windy so I was able to escape. I got to see the entire town – I blew down the street and saw the large houses. Then, my dream came true. There was a lazy river! I couldn’t believe it; I had only heard rumors of such a thing in the plant. I waited for one big gust of wind and I hopped right in. I floated down the river for months. I got to see all different things – mountains, forests, and farms. It was the best trip!

When my journey ended, I was surrounded by a lot of my friends. We all were just floating together – there had to be about a million of us. This was my new home. They told me I would be here forever.

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6 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. It’s interesting how you had the plastic bag character have such a happy and positive attitude the whole time. It really contrasts with the seriousness of the underlying topic of the story.

  2. I enjoyed the playfulness you brought to such a serious topic. It brings up an extremely important issue, but in a milder way with humor throughout the story.

  3. Aw this is so cute! I love the positive spirit of the plastic bag! It’s so interesting to think about the ‘life cycles’ of everyday objects we use.

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