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A Night in Lewisburg

After my barber ranted about The Hangover to me for 20 straight minutes today, I decided to combine The Hangover plot with a few of my own personal experiences to create my short story…

“Remember class the project is due on Monday. Have a great weekend!”

Rick and Billy knew they were screwed. It was Friday afternoon and they hadn’t even started on their project, they had 2 days, 3 nights, and 30 pages to go. The assignment required students to submerge themselves into a foreign culture and write about their experiences. Living their entire lives in a small town in central Pennsylvania, Rick and Billy decided they would make the hour-long trip to New York City, see Food, Inc. a new documentary featuring their family farms, get some dinner and BS the entire paper.

Saturday morning rolled around and Rick and Billy decided to reread the project guidelines one last time.

“Uh…. Billy… It says we can’t go to New York City, its not enough of a culture shock or something according to Mr. Wroten. He says its too close to home and too small of a city, I don’t know dude.”

Incredibly, Billy wasn’t fazed and explained to Rick that this was the perfect opportunity to finally convince his parents to take them Lewisburg. Lewisburg was the largest city in the world, 12 boroughs, 11 million people and only three hours away. The two planned to take a bus route that would show them most of the city and document what they saw.

It was now 6 PM on Saturday, and Rick and Bill were on the LTA (Lewisburg Transportation Association) 23 Bus. The 23 Bus had a north to south route through Lewisburg. Although they stood out like sore thumbs, Billy and Rick, were having the time of their lives as they decided to sneak into a bar halfway through their route.

Rick and Bill were coming down the homestretch, 3 more stops to go. But, they were in South Lewisburg which was known for having the most homicides in the United States for 18 consecutive years. Rick feeling a bit uneasy and stood up to look at the map next to assure himself there were only 3 stops left. Due to his intoxication, Rick mindlessly starred at the map for a while struggling to make bus route. Meanwhile, Bill was starring at Rick cracking up; he was scheming to get Rick back for an old prank. Billy decided he would push Rick out the door once the bus stopped.

Billy succeeded and Rick, shocked out of his mind, didn’t realize he was off the bus until it was too late as he chased the bus down the road. Then, reality hit in for Billy, he left Rick in South Lewisburg and both of their phones had died. Billy was freaking out, he couldn’t stop thinking: who, what, when, were, how and will I every see Rick again…?

It Monday morning and Billy walked into class barehanded. Not only had his best friend gone missing for two days, but he also drank too much and couldn’t remember enough to write the paper. Bill sat down and put his hands in his head. BAM! Something hit Bill on the head. It was Rick! Not only did he survive but wrote the entire paper. Rick told Bill he ended up staying in an apartment in Lewisburg Saturday night after using a website he heard about called Airbnb. Rick had the night of his life. His host was an Apple executive he and gave Rick court side seats at a Lewisburg Dragons game and a new iPad prototype.

“It was like a hotel service, but with people’s homes! It’s epic!”

Rick continued to mumble on about how amazing this service was and it more people adopted this idea the great effects it could have on the world, economy, and individuals. Airbnb saved his life. Unfortunately for Rick and Bill they only received a B+ on the paper and were required to take the course again. But on the bright side, they would have an excuse to return to Lewisburg and use Airbnb once again.

2 thoughts on “A Night in Lewisburg

  1. I really liked how you subtly incorporated several different class topics into the story, instead of choosing one topic as the main focus of the story. It’s also really funny and creative!

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