Storytime (blog 11)

I’m an artist

I make my way to school on my favorite day of the week.  Finally, Thursday has come.  Friday is one day away and today we get to take our weekly drawing class.  Some kids don’t take this class very seriously, but to me it is really the only important class I am taking in school.  I drag myself through the first three periods until finally I can enjoy what I’ve come here for.

The teacher sits us down and begins to explain the assignment.  For this week we are drawing part of the world around us.  This seems as though it is a typical drawing assignment that almost every teacher would give.  However, I find my mind racing through possibilities of where I could go with this.  There is so much to the world around me that I don’t yet understand.  Then what seemed as a dull assignment just became a monumental one.  I have the ability to create a vision of a world within our world.

I work meticulously as my vision comes to pass.  My mind instantly turns to the oceans and the endless amounts of the deep sea that have yet to be explored.  Who knows what is down there?  What species have we yet to uncover?  What if animals thought to be extinct really are not and we just haven’t discovered them?  This was incredible! I can’t stop my mind from continually showing me new ideas and new elements to add to my drawing.  I continue working almost in a trance-like state.  This is a level of focus that I can only achieve when I immerse myself in drawing.  However, before I know it the period ends and it is time for our next class.  I decide to take my drawing with me to my next class because waiting another week to work on this would be torture.

As I arrive in math class I feel the focus I had just attained leave me.  I become more and more bored as the teacher drones on about whatever the topic was that day.  That is, until I start doodling and continue from where I left off in my drawing.  Finally, something engaging! I again become excited and immersed in my work until the teacher walks over and asks what I am doing.  Well isn’t it obvious?  I was continuing the work that actually mattered to me.  And that is when he said it one of the worse insults I’ve ever heard.

“Put that away and pay attention.  No use in supporting something that will get you nowhere in life.”


5 thoughts on “I’m an artist

  1. It is sad that students of any age are discouraged from pursuing things they actually care about. I think it happens in younger years, when math matters more than are, and in college. Some degrees are written off as useless. As a former environmental studies major turned management, I understand the pressure to study something useful.

  2. I thought this short story was really creative, and I really enjoyed it! I feel as though a lot of people can connect with it. As I was reading it, I really felt like I could understand, firsthand, how you were feeling. This made it seem more real. Really good post!

  3. While I couldn’t relate to longing for art classes, I did appreciate your post. There are definitely classes that are prioritized both in school and society and I feel teachers and professors always seem to feel that their class should take precedence over your other classes.

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