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Cathy’s Version of Events

I decided to write my short story as a reflection piece from the perspective of Mike Daisy’s translator, Cathy, after hearing about Daisy’s piece on working conditions at Foxconn.





“Today I met spoke with an American journalist who called to verify a story about a previous ‘businessman’ Mike Daisy. He was a man who I recently translated for as he visited three different factories around China and spoke to a number of people about their time in the factories and the working conditions. This however was a very different version of events that I was asked about on the phone from this American man Ira, who retold a very different version of events. While some of what he was asking me about had actually happened there was a large amount that was grossly inflated. Unlike Mike’s version of events we only visited three factories opposed to ten and factory security guards did not carry guns.

Mikes version of the story also inflated stories about the people we met and talked to. The most notable was of a strange man we met on the street one night on the way to dinner. Mike asked me to ask the man ‘what happened to your hand’ the drunken man slurred his words and called his claw magic. To hear Mike blame this on a foxconn factory was something that I found extremely frustrating. Who is he to come her to judge our factories and then to only lie about it as a piece of news?

While I understand that Mike had good intentions in trying to raise attention to some of the poor working conditions that my friends and family face around the country lying about it only made the situation worse. A large portion of what Ira asked me was in fact true, but Mike’s version was a gross exaggeration of the truth. It makes me sad that people will now not believe the true story and will instead brush over the issue”

6 thoughts on “Cathy’s Version of Events

  1. It really is frustrating to know that because of the lies Mike Daisey told, this issue will not be taken as seriously. I think it is time we understand what is really happening and what the correct response should be instead of exaggerating stories to make yourself look good.

  2. Of course, her very presence as an educated, autonomous person is evident in the subtext. She can go around China; she can make contacts; her reality in the monologue challenges simplistic views of China as only a big country full of poor, oppressed people. I like how your story brings her voice into the conversation.

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