Storytime (blog 11)

Short Lease with Airbnb

Winter break finally comes! Let’s check the flight price back to China! What? $1500, 1 stop, 20hours! Only 3 weeks for the break, and I have to suffer the jet lag! I’d better stay in the US!

Weichen decided to stay in New York City for the break with her friend, and she then started to check the hotel price. Well, well, well… $200 per night at least, for the location Weichen selects. Then, Weichen’s friend suggested using Airbnb to find a short lease. Big surprise! They found several apartments in Manhattan around $100 per night, and the pictures were attractive! They then selected one apartment with part lease for 2 weeks. And the owner of the house was a couple.

1st Day: after several hours with Susquehanna Trailway’s shuttle, they finally got to New York City. Well, it must be really easy to find our destination, Weichen thought. Since the location was clear on the website. 2 hours later… Weichen was still walking around with her friend trying to find the location. She then called the owner. It is difficult to talk through the phone using the second language! Fortunately, after the communication, they found the apartment. They were so tired after hours of walking, after talking with the owners for the basic rules and instructions of the apartment, Weichen and her friend went to bed.

2nd Day: A big noise woke them up in the early morning, it was even dark outside. It was the owners, they were quarreling with each other about the breakfast. The wife wanted to provide breakfast, however, the husband didn’t. It was embarrassing; Weichen and her friend had to get up and left the apartment in order to stop the quarrel.

3rd Day: Same thing happened…

4th Day: Weichen and her friend were so tired as waking up early every morning, and they didn’t want to visit anywhere else, they just wanted to have a rest, so they bought food from Chinatown, and planned to eat in their room. It was Chinese traditional food, Chou Dou Fu.

5th Day: The couple knocked on the door of their room, again, in the early morning! They said they couldn’t host Weichen and her friend anymore! Since they couldn’t put up with the smell of the food Weichen brought back!

Well, Weichen and her friend went back to Bucknell after an unpleasant trip in New York City…

Everything in this blog is fictional, and Weichen doesn’t like Chou Dou Fu at all!!!

5 thoughts on “Short Lease with Airbnb

    • I wrote it based on the criticize that Airbnb received from the users. By saying fictional, I just don’t want to get into trouble if Airbnb happens to read my post..haha

  1. Hah I really like your post, it was funny and creative, well done. I like how you used Day 1, 2..etc. and I also like your last side comment about Chou Dou Fu. Your blogs are great Weichen.

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