60 second ideas (blog 12)

Be More like Kid President

I would suggest watching this whole video. I seriously think being more like Kid President will  change the world. I want a corn dog. I want to share corn dogs with the world. If only people would do these nice things for each other. I always think back to the suicide story of the person who walked off a bridge and the note left behind saying if one persons smiles at me I will not jump. Words of kindness allow more open dialogue. People are more willing share to their ideas if they feel more accepted- more “awesome”. I mean I would change my name to Kid President, unless he would find that creepy.

SAY THANK YOU. Seriously. This two seconds is often a critical part of so many conversations that is overlooked. People notice. Same thing with excuse me- don’t push, it’s rude. Also I think we need to dance and laugh more. Kid President wants us to do that. And I think if we did, and screamed sometimes too, we would all feel a hell of a lot better. So don’t judge. Do what you like, like what you do. And be nicer to the people around you who are just trying to do the same thing.

“I have barbecue sauce on my shirt too”

2 thoughts on “Be More like Kid President

  1. I could not agree with this more. Sometimes I think we get so caught up in our own lives that we don’t realize how a few simple words can brighten someone’s day and make the world a better place. Love the video!

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