60 second ideas (blog 12)

From Bike to Light

In the United States alone there is 45.5 million people with gym memberships. With people agonizing on exercise machines throughout the country there has to be a way to capitalize on the mass amounts of energy that people are putting into the gym. While the technology already exists to capture the energy and use it to power electric devices on a small-scale people are yet to capitalize on the opportunity on a large scale. What if a gym was able to capture this energy and then from there either use it to fuel some of their running costs or sell it back into the grid system. Similar to the way that some solar panel companies are able to sell electricity back to the grid, imagine if a gym was doing the same thing.

If gyms were selling energy back to the electric companies they would be able to turn a profit and could potentially offer incentives to customers. This could be beneficial for gyms, customers, the environment, and the population as a whole. With the rapidly growing obesity rates around the world this invention or business idea could have significant impact on reducing this global epidemic.

Would this not be enough motivation for you to get off the couch goto the gym and see the normal benefits while benefiting the environment and potentially your back pocket?

3 thoughts on “From Bike to Light

  1. This is an effective idea, and super environmental friendly!! However, there is the Earth One Hour program that promotes the idea of turning off the lights for an hour, it actually hurts the electricity facilities, as the power has been produced, if you not use, it will be waste anyway.

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