60 second ideas (blog 12)

Pledge for Better Public Transportation

On average, Americans spend roughly 100 minutes per day commuting back and forth to work. This is higher than almost every industrialized country in the world. Some of this can be attributed to millions of individuals now moving out into the suburbs, but the main cause is traffic. Everyone drives to work and willing to sit in traffic rather than taking advantage of public transportation. Are we crazy or does this say something about our current public transportation system?

Public transportation in America needs drastic improvements. When I think of public transportation, “gross and dirty” come to my mind and I’m sure I’m not alone. Because of this, I opt to drive everywhere, even if I have to sit in a few hours of traffic. Because of this we are extremely inefficient as a society. We opt waste our own time and gas rather than to save energy and time. This is quite backwards. Luckily in Europe and Asia, they have taken strides to invest in infrastructure and because of this they’re public transportation systems are far more advanced, upscale and popular than ours here in America.

We need to learn from those around the world and take a step towards a better public transportation system. We can cut down on pollution and save some gas money at the same time. Finally with a reduced number of cars there will be less traffic, and less traffic means less wasted time. Imagine what you could have done in the time you have sat in traffic during your lifetime…


Source: Life in the Slow Lane

7 thoughts on “Pledge for Better Public Transportation

  1. I recently saw this map linked below–I can’t figure out how to hyperlink within comments–that shows what America could look like with an enhanced public transportation system. New York to Boston in one hour? That’s quicker than my commute was this summer, and I only live 45 miles from NYC. NYC to Boston is over 200 miles.

    You’re welcome- Jordi


  2. I live in Pittsburgh and the public transportation is miserable. We have one constantly bankrupt bus system that is basically nonexistent. The terrain makes it difficult to have light rails or subways (way too many rivers, hills, and cliffs) but it is a nightmare. I had at least a 60 minute commute each way for work this summer. The highways were filled with one person in a car and I became furious about how stupid the system was. You can either have one person in a car that takes up the same amount of space as a half a subway car that can carry so many more people. Excellent post, public transportation can change cities and individual lives.

  3. This Thanksgiving break, my friend and I drove to NYC, and both in and out of NYC, there were traffic jam, they might be the first times that I might traffic jam in the U.S. There is a joke about traffic in China, you will take one hour to get to Germany from France, however, you will still in the same street in Beijing…

  4. So, the idea is to make public transport look nicer?

    Or is it to get people to pledge to use it?

    Having been on public transport in many European and US cities, I am not sure I find US public transport less clean.

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