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“Second Language”

When Professor Comas introduced the idea of “60 seconds to change the world”, the first topic coming into my mind is about the language. I want to promote an idea about creating a new “second language” that will be studied during the childhood.

In the world, there are around 3000-8000 different languages used. It is difficulty to give a more accurate number, since linguists sometimes disagree what are distinct languages and what are dialects of the same language. Furthermore, the most used languages are Mandarin, Spanish, English, Hindi, Bengali, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, German and Javanese. The average number of languages that one person speaks is around 2. The variety of languages always creates difficulties. First of all, they are not easy to learn. Here is the Language Difficulty Ranking, which shows how long it will take to learn a new language for an English speaker. It will take 88 weeks for an English speaker to learn Mandarin, it is 88 weeks without sleeping, eating and relaxing. Life is so hard when people just don’t understand you. When I traveled to Thailand at 12, my English skill was just terrible. One morning, I asked the room service for a hair drier, and I didn’t know the exact words for it, then I used body language, which I thought the most useful at that time.  Then the girl was terrified since she thought there was someone with a gun in my room, and she was about to call the police!

Besides the speaking language, we also have the sign language, I used to think we use the same sign language across the world. After I searched online, I find almost every country has its own deaf sign language.

I know there will be a lot of political issues and public issues for selecting the “second language”, counties will be so ready to compete with each other and fight for their own language. Thus, I think creating a new language will be helpful. It will take long, but think about a life without misleading by languages, it may be worthy!

5 thoughts on ““Second Language”

  1. Haha love your story Weichin, I speak 3 languages so I understand the time effort and struggle but I think its a great idea because not only does it stimulate the mind, it can interest people in other way.

  2. This is a really neat idea! Especially important to learn at a young age because I tried to learn spanish in high school and continued through college-needless to say I cannot speak Spanish. This would eliminate the language barrier that many people have a tendency to struggle with.

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